Marriage Consultation

Marriage Consultation

Love Marriage Consultation

Are you in the midst of dating someone and planning to marry him/her?
Are you having love problems?
Do you want to know if you met the right person?
Do you want to check the Rajju Match between yourself and your partner before proceeding with the marriage?
Love brings happiness at first, but it quickly turns into deep pain as misunderstanding sets in. This session with Adithya Vishakha will assist you and your partner in recapturing the joy of love through greater understanding. He will guide you through the process of resolving the navagraga doshas and leading a peaceful marriage life.

Arranged Marriage Consultation

Do you want to find the right person for you and to lead a happy marriage life?
Finding a life partner or selecting the right life partner is a high-stakes decision that begins with knowing what to look for in a life partner. A happy and healthy marriage requires finding the right partner. Arranging a consultation session with Adithya Vishakha will help you find the right person who reciprocates your love and faith and will assist you in living your life beyond your expectations.

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