Vaastu Consultation

Vaastu Consultation

Energy at Home

Do you find it uncomfortable to stay at home?
Do you want to purify the energy in your home so that you can prosper in life?
Vastu Shastra provides very useful advice on the selection of land and architecture for a comfortable home. Vastu is thought to play an important role in the birth of progeny. It is thought to not only resolve progeny-related issues, but also to promote the health and well-being of family members. Adithya Vishakha, is an expert at analyzing a house or a building to predict whether inmates will experience peace, prosperity, happiness and soundness of health.

Building New Home, Office of Factory

Do you want to build your dream home, office, or factory that will bring you happiness and prosperity?
Do you need an evaluation on the existing premises?
Our home or office can emit different spiritual vibrations depending on where it is built, how it is built, how we maintain it, and so on. Improving the spiritual vibrations of our homes can have a variety of beneficial effects, including increased financial security, improved relationships among those living in the home, increased happiness among residents, and fewer barriers to spiritual practise at home. Adithya Vishakha has extensive experience in building houses or repairing physical structures in order to foster cooperative relationships among the residents who live within the structure. Furthermore, he will guide you on how to build an office with proper vastu or how to purchase an office in suitable location so that your business runs profitably.

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